Man With Van Surbiton: The Commendable Delivery Service

Being a student and a foreigner in this country, it was very difficult for me to shift to another place. After months of hard work and effort we finally found an apartment to live that is near our campus. Our excitement was on another level but soon reality hit us hard when we realized all the effort that we will soon be going through. It could not be done in a haphazard manner and we needed time to pack carton and label our different things. My friend told me about Man with a Van Surbiton. Actually he did not tell me instead he just appreciated their quick service and went on for like an hour telling me how great they are. I was impressed by them and wanted to give them a chance.

I talked to my friends and we hired them. We just had a week to shift and settle at out new place before the commencement of our classes. So we were working under massive pressure. I thought it was impossible for us but it was not, at least not for Man with Van Surbiton. They made different categories of the things that they found after looking around. We gave them books, accessories, bed sheets etc according to the list they gave us. They packed these things in different cartons and labeled them for our convenience so that we could find them easily while unpacking our stuff. It was done within two days.

The day of moving out I woke up early as our vans were waiting for us outside. This service did not require our assistance in anything and we were glad because otherwise we would have messed it up. We reached our final destination and started unloading the vans. Here again they did all the work and placed the boxes carefully in our new apartment.

After this we started unpacking the boxes which just took two to three days. Due to their systematic manner it was easy to find our belongings and we were glad that they helped us in moving. The kitchen items were in our carton and our books and personal stuff was in one. So in short they made it very easy to find and place the stuff. We did it before time and spared some time for our study. It is unimaginable but it is true that due to their amazing service we were settled in our new apartment in just five days.

I can say that Man with Van Surbiton is by far the most commendable delivery service. They have the most cooperative and polite staff that you can wish for. They arrange each and everything that you need for student removal and they are always at your service whenever you need them. I am glad that I found them through a friend and I recommend the services of Man with Van Surbiton if you ever decide to hire any for your help so go for this service.

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